A message from the committee

We originally established Gatwick Hotels Association (GHA) as a guide to the best places to stay in the Gatwick area. Now with over 20 members in the local area, and more joining all the time, we have grown a hotel community and as such strive to promote Gatwick as a destination by coming together as one entity. We believe in a greater industry unity and forming Gatwick Hotels Association has encouraged a co-ordination across local hotels and guesthouses. By providing useful information to each of the members on related industry matters we are committed to making sure Gatwick is delivering quality and memorable experiences to both leisure and business travellers from around the world.

While each individual establishment makes its own decisions and has the freedom to run their business in a way that suits them, The GHA meets regularly to discuss important information about the airport itself, local issues and to share ideas on any related matters that may benefit the Gatwick traveller.

Executive Committee